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Research areas

The research activities in the proposed project are divided into four basic research areas (RA):

The estimated timing of each RA planned over the project lifetime, the workplace responsible for each objective, and the expected dissemination activities (publications) in terms of currently valid Results assessment methodology (in Czech) are summarized in the table.

RA Activity Objective Workplace 2016 2017 2018 Dissemination
RA1a Analysis and cataloguing of artifacts CU x Jimp: 1
Jneimp: 1
D: 2
RA1b Technical description of artifacts UWB x
RA1c Phonetic description of artifacts UWB x
RA1d Automatic cleaning of speech corpora UWB x x
RA2a Perceptual testing of nasal., labial., and palatal. effects CU x Jimp: 1
Jneimp: 1
Jrec: 2, D: 1
RA2b Perceptual testing of F0 parameters CU x x
RA2c Perceptual testing of spectral parameters CU x x
RA3a Context definition and penalization matrix CU x Jimp: 1
Jrec: 1
D: 4
RA3b Phonetically justified parameters (spectral tilt, ...) UWB x x
RA3c Continuity of prosodic patterns UWB x x
RA3d Revision of positional parameters and weighting UWB x
RA4a Automatic error prediction UWB x x Jimp: 1
D: 6
RA4b Dedicated signal modification UWB x x
RA4c Hybrid approaches UWB x x
RA4d Compromise between selected and generated speech UWB x