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Four papers accepted for TSD 2018 conference!

Added by Matoušek Jindřich about 6 years ago

The following four papers were accepted for TSD 2018 conference (indexed by ISI Web of Knowledge and Scopus):

  • HANZLÍČEK, Z., VÍT, J., TIHELKA, D. WaveNet-based speech synthesis applied to Czech: A comparison with the traditional synthesis methods (Research Area RA4: Activity RA4b, RA4d)
  • PŘIBIL, J., PŘIBILOVÁ, A., MATOUŠEK, J. Automatic evaluation of synthetic speech quality by a system based on statistical analysis (RA4: R4a)
  • JŮZOVÁ, M., TIHELKA, D., VOLÍN, J. On the Extension of the Formal Prosody Model for TTS (Research Area RA3: Activity RA3c)
  • JŮZOVÁ, M., TIHELKA, D., VOLÍN, J. F0 Post-Stress Rise Trends Consideration in Unit Selection TTS (Research Area RA3: Activity RA3d)